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TIPS: Before & After Cosmetic Surgery

Surgery can be scary, regardless of the procedure type you've chosen. You're worried about the results, the pain, the procedure itself, being knocked out, and a lot of other things. You, and your loved ones, can ease parts of this process by preparing for the surgery in the days before and the days after. Below are some tips for before & after cosmetic surgery procedures. This list will continue to grow as more helpful tips for patients are developed. Please contact us if you have suggestions of your own to add to this list.

Before Your Cosmetic Surgery

Food: Buy microwave dinners, soda in cans or boxed juice. Bring things you will need down from shelves so you won't have to stretch later. Buy Boost for after surgery. This is a great idea since many of us don't like to eat when we feel bad, Boost has the nutrients you need. Foods to avoid.
Clothing: Lay out clothes that are easy to put on. Place the remote,medicines and something to drink by your bedside.

Clean the house so you won't have to contend with it when you're feeling yuckie. Make sure you have plenty of bathroom tissue on hand, and any other essentials.

Gas the car, you may not feel like pumping gas afterwards!

Water plants.

Nails: Leave unpainted for monitoring purposes if you go under general anesthesia. The doctor needs to check your nails for blood and oxygen circulation problems associated with anesthesia. They need to make sure your nail stays a healthy color and doesn't turn blue!

After Your Cosmetic Surgery

Sleeping is the best and most natural pain killer. Turn off the phones!

Make sure to have lots of pillows and comfortable clothing since you'll be sitting for long periods of time.

Over the counter sleeping aids can help to get the rest that you need.

Children, arrange to have someone take care of them away from your house. If not, make sure someone can help you with them for at *least* the first 24-48 hours (you'll need help during this time anyway).

Stool Softener --- Some people become constipated even days after surgery.

Cordran Tape may help with your scars, ask your doc.

Resuming Activities

Soft foods, water, and other foods like smoothies will be your best friend in the first few days.

Most doctors say to wait about 4 weeks before resuming any kind of physical activity. You need to wait at least 2 weeks before resuming any kind of physical activity that can increase your blood pressure (including sex). Everyone is different go with what your body tells you.

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