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TIPS: Getting the Best Cosmetic Surgery Price

So you've decided on the procedure, and you've narrowed down the list of possible surgeons. Before you make your final decision on a particular surgeon there are some more steps to take to ensure you are getting the best price for your procedure. Now, it's important to note that the best price is not always the lowest price. Due to the serious nature of surgical procedures and the amount of potential risks involved, cost-cutting is not as important in the long run as choosing a reputable surgeon. Although all consumers are advised to keep this in mind, through the proper research you may be able to find a middle ground

Here are some helpful questions to ask that may lead to significant savings on your procedure.

- How much will my surgery cost?

- Is this price comparable to your competitors?

- What does this price include?

- Is this price subject to change or is it a final price?

- What is your policy on surgical revisions? Will I need to pay for necessary revisions?

- May I have a list of patient references?

Cosmetic Suergery Price Comparison & Research

Now that you have a list of question to ask the next step is to speak with each reputable cosmetic surgeon in your area. Contact each surgeon by phone or email to setup a consultation. During this visit you can ask as many questions you have, get information specific to the surgeon and your procedure, and more. Bring the list of questions above, and any others you can think of, to this consultation so that you can get pricing information from the surgeon.

Repeat this excercise with multiple surgeons. The goal of this is to compare price quotes the same way consumers compare vehicle prices from car dealers. You can use these price quotes as negotiating tools and to help guide your final decision on a surgeon for your procedure.

What are the cosmetic surgery price factors?

Cosmetic Surgeon's Fee
This price will vary by the complexity of your procedure and the number of hours required to complete the surgery.

Licensed professionals that administer anesthesia will charge between $200 and $350 per hour.

Operating Room
It is common for surgeons to use an outpatient surgical center to perform their procedures. A room in a surgical center may cost anywhere from $500 to $900 per hour.

Implants for breast, cheek, and chin procedures, collagen, and botox are often referred to as "devices". These costs may vary by implant size and quality or injectable volume.

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