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Cosmetic Surgery Costs

As with any major purchase in your life, the price you pay is a large part of the decision process. This is understandable with the average procedure having a price tag between $5,000 and $15,000. The large gap is due to the different variables that factor into the total cost which are outlined and explained below. You'll also find average surgeon rates by type, a breakdown of the costs, helpful articles, and some great articles covering payment options, insurance coverage, and how to get the best cosmetic surgery price for your procedure.

Cosmetic Surgery Costs

Plastic Surgery Price Factors:

  • Geographic Location - Surgeons in high profile areas or major cities typically have higher prices than surgeons in towns and cities with a lower population. .
  • Cosmetic Surgeon Expertise - Surgeons with more experience, client testimonials, and a proven track record, may be in higher demand and a waiting list.
  • Procedure Chosen - Some procedures such as a facelift will carry a higher price tag than lip implants due to the complexity, part of the body, length of the procedure, and nature of the procedure.
  • Number of Areas Affected - If you're having the surgery on more than one area of the body, or multiple procedures at once, your total cosmetic surgery price will increase.
  • Anesthesiology Cost - In many cases, the portion with the third highest price tag is the Anesthesiologist's fee. The total price will depend on the person administering anesthesiology, the length of the surgery, and other variables.
  • Materials - This may include implants of the breast, lip, calf, etc. or fillers such as Botox and Hylaform.
  • Facility Fees - In many cases the operating room or facility fee represents the second largest piece of the total. These fees can amount to $1,000 per procedure.
  • Lab fees

Breakdown of Cosmetic Surgery Costs

There are three main components to a typical surgery: the Surgeon's Fee, the Anesthesiologist's fee, and the operating room fee. If you are having implants you will incur an additional cost to purchase the implants for your surgery. Below is an example of the price breakdown for a breast implant procedure. Please note that this is only a sample. To receive a real price quote please click here to user our cosmetic surgeon locator and find a local doctor.

  • Surgeons fee: $3,050
  • Anesthesiologist: $700
  • Facility fee: $950
  • Breast Implant fee: $1,300
  • Total Price: $6,000

Cosmetic Surgery Costs by Type

Breast Augmentation Breast Lift Breast Reduction Arm Lift
Botox Breast Implants Calf Implants Captique
Cheek Augmentation Chin Augmentation Collagen Injections Ear Surgery
Eyebrow Lift Eyelid Surgery Facelift Facial Liposuction
Forehead Lift Gastric Bypass Laser Skin Resurfacing Leg Lift
Lip Augmentation Liposuction Male Breast Reduction Male Pectoral Implants
Mini Facelift Neck Liposuction Nose Job Penile Enlargement
Restylane Scar Treatment Spider Vein Treatment Tattoo Removal
Tummy Tuck Upper Arm Lift Vaginal Surgery  

Choose a Surgeon Based on Price?

A common but vital mistake can be selecting a surgeon based on low prices rather than experience and credentials. The importance of thoroughly researching local surgeons and doctors can not be stressed enough. Choosing an inexperienced surgeon with a lower price could result in poor results which in turn could mean additional surgeries to fix or repair the original procedure.

Some surgeons and doctors are highly skilled and as a result they are in high demand which results in higher prices and waiting lists. While this makes some doctors exclusive and hard to attain it also opens the doors for other doctors to raise their prices without warrant as they attempt to position themselves as a premium or exclusive surgeon. To combat this it is important that you research each doctor's information including the number of procedures performed, number of second surgeries per client, credentials, years practicing, education, and to ask for client references and before & after pictures.

Cosmetic Surgery Financing Articles

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