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Cosmetic Surgery Vacation Packages

Cosmetic surgery vacations have experienced increased growth over the recent years as those seeking affordable cosmetic procedures have turned to interational surgeons. There are a number of companies offering all-inclusive vacation packages that include cosmetic surgery. The majority of packages include private hospital services and claim to have a medical staff that is highly trained. The low procedure cost is the major selling point of these cosmetic vacations, with the entire packages costing less than the individual procedures in the United States.

Cosmetic Surgery Vacation Packages

How much will you save with one of these cosmetic surgery vacations? That will depend on your destination and the procedure you choose, but there have been reports of paying as little as $8,000 for procedures that cost $25,000 in the US. Popular cosmetic surgery vacation destinations include: Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa, and Thailand.

Some of the most common cosmetic procedures patients seek on these vacation packages include breast augmentation, liposuction, facelift, tummy tuck, eyelid surgery, and nose jobs. Reliable statistics are not readily available on the total number of individuals who have taken cosmetic surgery vacations on an annual basis. Patients of these vacations do not only opt for minimally-invasive procedures.

There are some important things that potential patients should know before making the decision to move forward with one of these procedures. First, the United States laws do not protect patients treated outside the country, so you can not rely on a lawyer or court to award you damages and cover your medical costs should you have malpractice claims. Also, some of these cosmetic surgery vacation packages offer very limited follow-up care and you will be limited in your participation in vacation activities. Your surgeon will advise you against excessive sunbathing, drinking alcohol, swimming, snorkeling, and possibly other activities. .

Vacation destinations may not have formal medical accreditation boards to certify physicians or medical facilities, and you may not be able to assess and verify the training and credentials of the surgeons and facilities outside of the US. You should be cautious as surgical revisions, fixes, and other secondary procedures could cost you more in the long run than the original procedure.

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